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For me, getting emails like these is definitely the best part of this business. Our customers are generally really amazing people, and it's a good feeling when we do our job right. If you have a story of your own to share, please feel free to pass it our way: 

"Thank you so much for ensuring the necklaces I ordered online arrived to my boyfriend in LA on time. He bought them to Australia and was so stoked when I gave them to him! 

I also want to thank you for the Koru necklace! The koru has always been a favourite of mine and I’ll wear it with pride. The necklaces are beautiful and the quality of your products are very high also."
-Jaimee, New Zealand

"I have to tell you a short story. I was called to be the Incident Commander in Long Beach, NY after Superstorm Sandy a few weeks ago. I responded there from Indiana, my home. As I grabbed my gear to go out the door, I knew that the primary hazard on that island was flooding after the storm, and several water passages were needed to get to the island. I wore my White Scrimshaw Hei Matau (purchased from you over a year ago) for my entire trip and the whole two weeks I was there. Others recognized it and I became an instant trusted soul, even though I was from another place. It became my talisman, for strength during the deployment and safety from the water. I just purchased a new White Scrimshaw Hei Matau for the City Manager of Long Beach, NY as a gift, and I can't wait to give it to him as a lasting tribute of help from others, continuing safety from the surrounding waters, strength during their recovery, and lasting prosperity for the city and island. Thank you for inspiring such a gift and strengthening an enduring partnership!"

-Diane, Indiana 


"Just wanted to share my story with you. I purchased a Paua Shell Hei Matau pendant a few years ago and wore it every day - I loved it. Recently, I was working at a large Country Music Festival and one of the guests was admiring my pendant. I explained the significance of it, she said "I'm flying to Hawaii next week and I'm so nervous." I took it off, put it around her neck, told her to wear it and trust that she would be safe. She smiled so big that it made my day. Now I have to buy myself a new one (maybe I should get two)."

-Charlie, West Virginia


"I purchased two items from Sean in January of this year, 2013. Before purchasing, however, I had a couple of questions for Sean regarding product and so I emailed him. Sean replied promptly and with extreme courtesy. I ordered a necklace for my wife and one for me. I was ecstatic when I received the shipment at my office from Wanderer Imports. From the time of placing the order to receiving the shipment, only a few days had passed. Not too shabby! The items were packaged safely and with care and the necklaces, I am pleased to say, are of high quality materials and workmanship. We both wear our necklaces a lot and it's great to hear the comments and questions from curious others about these unique pieces. This of course gives us a great opportunity to share the meaning of the necklaces and about Wanderer Imports. My total wrap-around experience with Wanderer Imports has been positive. I will purchase from Sean again in the very near future."

-Jesse, Colorado 


"I ordered 4 necklaces and bags for Christmas in 2012. Awesome! Within 4 days. One of my nephews, 20 yr. old EMT can't wear any kind of metal or chains so he is really thrilled. I just placed an order for MY marble charm. Thanks Wanderer for restoring my faith in online purchasing."

-Billy, Arizona


 "I had a great experience working with Sean from Wanderer Imports. He was helpful and personable. The service was exceptional, with my shipment going out the next day, I received my necklace within 4 days of my order. The product was just as advertised, at a great price. I will definitely order from Wanderer Imports again!"

-Elly, California


"I purchased one of your Hei Matau some years ago, and wore it for 2 years, and often got asked what it meant.  I simply described it as a “St. Christopher medal for the water”.  Well, one day, a cold day, I was out with my Aussie surf buddy, and we happen to ride waveskis for surfing.  If you don’t know what they are, it’s sit-down surfing, but you are belted to the board with a seatbelt.  A seat belt that is has a quick release buckle to get out when you get flipped over.  And it always works just fine.  

Except this one day.. It was cold, and my hands had gotten numb, but I kept paddling back out to get waves.  I caught a nice wave, and as I went to kick out, I got unexpectedly pitched, and while I crashed, the seatbelt rolled a ½ turn, and I found myself upside down, with the quick release belt buckle folded under(which made the belt tighter), and my hands too numb to feel anything.  As I was under the water, with many years in the surf, I remained very calm, and tried to work the buckle loose.  As I realized it was too tight, and I couldn’t feel anything, I calmly realized that I was in BIG trouble.  I threw myself sideways to get a corner of my mouth above water, and a quick holler, but no one was around.  I did this 2 more times, getting bashed around by the surf in the meantime, but to no avail. 

At this point, I calmly realized that things were pretty bad, and I remember thinking, “ what a weird way to go..”, and also, I remember thinking “I can see the headline now…ex-lifeguard drowns strapped to board." Still calm, for what seemed forever, I knew I couldn’t do this much longer, when out of nowhere, a surfer came from ?? and flipped me back over. I went to grab on, and he freaked, we got smashed by a wave, I’m back underwater, and I remembered to leave him alone, and he flipped me back upright again.  He asked what to do, and I had him help me get unbuckled, and I went in and he paddled away.

 As I was resting at the truck, my surf mate came back in, and told me he heard some surfer in the lineup had just helped a waveski guy, and he knew it was me, so he came in. At that point, and I was pretty still whupped, I recall saying, “Yeah, this damn Matau sure didn’t help me”,  and then I immediately said, “Hmmmm.. or did it?” After all, who was that guy that saved me, and where did he come from?  And to this day, I’ve never found who it was, but I still wear this necklace."

-Steve, California


"I love that the wood is a little scratched up just because it shows that it's handmade and it makes it look rustic and gives it a unique look. I've grown up with this necklace since I was very young and it has meant a lot for me so thank you for making such a nice and clean version of it!"



"Great necklace, has a lovely iridescent warmth to it! The colour is lighter on one side than the other so you have a choice when wearing it! The cord on the necklace is also adjustable and can be worn at any length. Perfect, very happy! Thank You."


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