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We have three main types of symbols, all based on traditional Maori Taonga.

The Maori have always been fishermen, and their main food source was the sea, so a fish hook of high quality was a valuable item to posses. Worn around the neck the Hei Matau became a symbol of prosperity, abundance, good health, power, authority, and respect for the sea and its life in it. It is also believed to provide good luck and safety while traveling over water.

The Koru spiral is based on an unfurling baby fern. The circular movement towards an inner coil refers to ‘going back to the beginning’. The unfurling frond itself is symbolic for new life, new beginnings, hope, perfection, rebirth, a new start, awakening, personal growth, purity, nurturing, a new phase in life, the spirit of rejuvenation, and peace.

The Twist symbolizes the strength of the bond between two people, their loyalty, friendship, and love. It signifies the spiritual merger of two people for eternity. Although people will take different paths in their lives they will always be connected and will return to each other someday.

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