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How do I put them on?
Each necklaces come with an adjustable cord. There are two knots at the bottom of the cord right above the wooden bead. If you pinch these knots with your fingers and slide it up, you can expand the necklace (which lets you where it anywhere on your chest that feels comfortable).

Where and how are the necklaces made?
I work with a group of independent artisans in Bali, who manufacture the necklaces. Bali is know for its highly skilled bone carvers, and the quality of the necklaces speaks for themselves. These are handcrafted (using a dremel for carving) individually and have slight variations in each piece.

What are they made out of?
These necklaces are crafted from cow bone, which is then polished. Over time and when worn extensively the pendant will turn a golden color. The Maori have a legend that this is the necklaces absorbing some of the wearer`s essence. For this reason, these are highly prized as heirlooms and are passed down through generations in the same family.

What size are the necklaces? (I know it is very hard to tell from the pictures)
Out of the Hei Matau fish hooks, most are all 1"x2". The Koru Spiral is 1 inch in diameter, and the Twist is 3/4 of an inch x 1.5 inches. The cords are adjustable from choker sized all the way to being hanging at the bottom of the chest above the solar plexus.

Do I have to have a PayPal account to purchase?
Nope. All our payments are processed through PayPal, so it is secure and I don't ever see your info, but we accept all major credit cards. If you'd like to use your PayPal account, that works fine too.

Do the necklaces come with any information to include as a gift that explains their significance?
All of the necklaces come with informational cards describing the meaning of the symbols, which are great to include if you are giving them as gifts. They are about the size of a business card and describe which symbol they go with and why it is significant.

Do you have tracking numbers for the necklaces? When can I expect arrival?
Yes, we do! The necklaces go out First class mail through the USPS and I believe the shipping software sends you a notification email with the tracking number. They normally ship within 24 hours (though it might be on Monday if you order on the weekend), and the time you would receive the jewelry depends on how far you are from Southern California (where fulfillment is right now). The estimate from the post office is 3 days for anywhere within the country (which is what happens 98% of the time), but I know it can take up to 7 days in some cases. Please allow up to 10 days for delivery (though it normally doesn`t take that long). If it has been more than 10 days, please let me know as soon as possible so I can take care of it.

I`ve got some questions that haven`t been answered.
“Please E-mail the customer service company at wandererimportsshipping@hotmail.com. They know our products and business inside and out, and anything they can`t answer gets forwarded to me.”

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